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Recurring Deposit (RD) is a popular investment option in India. It comes with an option of flexibility for customers in the choice of best RD schemes and tenure, accompanied by the highest RD interest rates.

Fixed and recurring deposits are almost similar investment instruments. However, you have to make fixed monthly deposits in recurring deposits for good returns.

RD Interest Calculator enables depositors to plan their future needs with greater clarity with the exact accrued interest on recurring deposits.

Investors can thus choose a minimum amount of RD installment as a sip investment every month over the term for assured wealth generation. If you do not have a lump sum amount to meet short-term goals, depositing a small share of your income to the KTNL RD account every month serves the purpose well. RD allows you to earn fixed interest on the amount invested at frequent intervals until the investment matures or a pre-determined term ends.

  • Recurring deposit account can be opened by those who want to save regularly for a certain period of time and earn a higher interest rate upto 9.5% per annum.

  • In Recurring Deposit Account Minimum amount Rs.1000/- and multiplies of 1000/- is accepted every month for a specified period (One year to two years) and the total amount is repaid with interest at the end of the particular period.

  • Check Here How Kovai Tech Nidhi Company is Giving High Rates Of Interest On Deposits as prescribed by the Reserve Bank of India, which the NBFCs can pay on their public deposits.
  • Check Nidhi Rules 2014 – Ratio of Net Owned Funds to Deposits.

Recurring Deposit Calculator In Kovai Tech Nidhi Ltd

We offer an annual interest rate of 9.5% on recurring deposits. The RD Calculator can show you the results of your returns on recurring deposits by recurring deposit maturity calculator.

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