Mortage Loans in Kovai Tech Nidhi Limited

Mortgage Loan can be defined as a secured form of loan which is sanctioned after the lender takes possession of an asset as mortgage or collateral. Such an asset can either be an owned piece of land, a home or any other commercial premises that the borrower has the ownership of.

Whatever one’s need may be, be it broadening their business horizons, taking care of their child's education expenses, or even the ones that are wedding-related, with a Mortgage Loans available on KTNL as a form of credit advance, they can fulfill all of their requirements right away.

A Mortgage Loan essentially serves as a financial aid as and when a monetary requirement which needs to be fulfilled arises. Loan for Businessmen, Professionals, Employed persons and Individuals for the marriage of children, higher studies of child, Medical treatment etc. who is having sufficient income to service the loan.